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    News Flash:

    On May 1 we handed in the Bus Petition requiring a Town Council vote (June 5 or June 26)-- then we're collecting signatures for th "Supplemental Petition"

    On April 2 we took a "Walk to the Bus" -- -- broadcast on Facebook Live (by Councilor Natacha Clerger)

    March 27 Town Council meeting, I announced the bus petition -- it's at 1:20:45 (near the end) on RCTV video -- let's do a "Walk to the Bus" this weekend!

    Let's create a shuttle bus in Randolph!

    Wouldn't it be great if you could walk to a shuttle bus near your home, and ride it every morning to the Braintree T station or the Holbrook Commuter Rail station?

    Wouldn't it be great if there were a reliable shuttle bus to go shopping, or a means for our kids to go visit their friends across town?

    There are many housing complexes in town that are well over a mile walk to the nearest MBTA bus stop and even further from other community resources. Residents must pay the high cost of maintaining a car -- but with a shuttle van we can reduce the need for cars just to get around town -- reducing costs and reducing traffic too.

    We propose a shuttle van that connects housing complexes with transit hubs, workplaces, and community resources -- and we're asking for your signature on our petition to get a shuttle van set up.

    There are state-funded programs for "Mobility Hubs" like this -- our petition requires the Town of Randolph to figure out the funding and then set up a "Mobility Hub."

    Please sign the bus petition!

      Materials to download and sign:
    • Mobility Hub Petition: download, sign, and mail to P.O. Box 448, Randolph MA 02368
    • Info Flyer: make copies and hand out to your friends and neighbors
    • Voter Registration form: only registered voters in Randolph count (so register if not!)
    • Our previous Shuttle Bus work in in Randolph (rejected because it required an RTA, a new Regional Transit Authority); and plans for expansion in in Stoughton/Canton/Avon (to avoid RTA complications, we're focusing only in Randolph!).

    This petition is part of a program to make public transportation equitable, safe, reliable and affordable. Other programs include:

    • Work with the BAT to get the BAT #12 bus to pick up and drop off passengers in North Randolph
    • Fare-free MBTA bus for routes #240 and #236 in Randolph -- like the 2-year experiment going on in Boston right now.
    • Low Income Fare Bill (HD 3417/SD 1550) to permanently reduce the cost of public transit. Please sign our petition and please tell your neighbors and friends and please volunteer to help us get more signatures -- we need a lot!

    Our proposed routes

    Click on the map above for a preliminary idea for two shuttle bus routes around Randolph. The proposed stops are described below. These are just "preliminary" because our petition actually sets up a "feasibility study" which will come up with the actual bus routes in detail, as well as the cost of setting up the service. The feasibility study would start after the November election, and have 6 months to come up with a plan, then 12 months more to start implementation of that plan.
      Randolph Red Route:
    • Avalon (Prynne Hills) housing complex;
    • Middle School going east;
    • Reed Street housing complex;
    • Pacella Park housing complex;
    • South Shore Plaza commercial center;
    • Braintree Station and connection to MBTA and connection to #236 bus;
    • Meadow Lane housing complex and connection to #238 bus;
    • RHA WELCH Senior Housing @ Sunshine Ave to #240 bus; 12 BAT
    • Francis Crossing housing complex and connection to #240 bus;
    • Rosemont Square housing complex;
    • York Avenue commercial center;
    • Middle School going west;
    • Irving Road housing complex;
    • return to Avalon (loop).
      Randolph Orange Route:
    • Randolph/Holbrook commuter rail station;
    • Elderly Drive senior housing;
    • RICC / Decelle senior housing;
    • Liberty Place housing complex;
    • Teed Drive commercial center;
    • Grove & Main and connection to #238 bus;
    • Francis Crossing housing complex and connection to #240 bus;
    • Rosemont Square housing complex;
    • Mazzeo Drive shopping area/commercial center;
    • Target shopping area;
    • Ikea/Home Depot shopping area/commercial center;
    • Stoughton commuter rail station
    • Return to Harrison Blvd and cross Rt 24
    • Harrison Blvd thru Avon Center to WalMart
    • South Main Street at Center Street
    • Return to commuter rail station (loop)

    Petition Wording

    We, the below-signed registered voters of the Town of Randolph Massachusetts, pursuant to Randolph Town Charter Section 7-7, hereby Petition the Randolph Town Council to adopt the following measure:

    That the Town of Randolph will conduct a feasibility study concerning providing shuttle bus service to Randolph residents. The study will include information on securing funding, as available, for the provision of such service. The feasibility study will be conducted by June 2024 and provide a plan for funding and implementation by June 2025. Many residents, including those in mixed-income housing complexes, have limited transportation options. They must walk miles to access community resources or get to their places of employment. Residents of under-served areas need to get to stores and other commercial resources in downtown Randolph, to the Randolph/Holbrook rail station, and make connections to the MBTA and other transportation hubs.

Lead organization on the shuttle van petition: Randolph Tenants United, contact SouthShoreTenantAction@gmail.com

Lead organization on statewide public transit: Coalition for Social Justice, contact www.CoalitionForSocialJustice.org

Local liaison: Randolph Democratic Town Committee, P.O. Box 448, Randolph MA 02368, contact Jesse Gordon, chair, jesse@JesseGordon.com text 617-320-6989