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    Candidate virtual meet-and-greets on Aug 22 sponsored by Randolph, Braintree, and Holbrook Dems

    The Randolph Democratic Town Committee this weekend hosted their annual BBQ, where four candidates for office answered questions. The BBQ provided preparation for a trio of candidate virtual meet-and-greets on Saturday, Aug. 22, a week-and-a-half before the candidates will appear on the primary ballot on Tuesday, Sept. 1. The upcoming virtual events on Aug. 22 are:

    • County Commission and County Treasurer meet-and-greet from 11AM to noon (County Commissioner: Heather Hamilton, Joseph Shea; County Treasurer: Brad Croall, Mike Belotti, Dennis Guilfoyle)
    • Norfolk Sheriff meet-and-greet from noon to 1 (Bill Phelan, Jimmy Coughlin, and Patrick McDermott)
    • State Rep meet-and-greet from 1:30 to 2:30 (Mark Cusack and Paul Hennessy)
    • State Senator meet-and-greet from 4 to 5 (Walter Timilty and Jarred Rose)
    The four candidates represented both county-level and state-level races: Brad Croall for County Treasurer; Bill Phelan and Jimmy Coughlin for County Sheriff; and Paul Hennessy for State Rep. In addition, Jarred Rose, candidate for State Senate, had planned to come, but his wife gave birth the day before the BBQ, so Mr. Rose promises instead to be available for the Aug. 22 event.

    "All of the candidates represent Randolph, Holbrook, and Braintree," says Randolph Dems chair Jesse Gordon. He added, "Attendees included Holbrook Dems members, and our virtual meet-and-greet is co-sponsored by the Braintree Dems." Topics discussed by the candidates included:

      Questions of Paul Hennessy for State Rep.:
    • How can your experience working at the Randolph-Braintree-Holbrook water treatment plant help us avoid brown drinking water?
    • Can post-2020-census redistricting create a district where Randolph and Holbrook voices are heard?

      Questions of Brad Croall for County Commissioner:
    • What does a county commissioner do to justify sending millions of our property tax dollars to fund their budget?
    • Why can't Norfolk County government be abolished like other counties in Massachusetts have successfully done?

      Questions of Bill Phelan for County Sheriff:
    • What was your part in approving the TLA Trash Transfer Station as Holbrook Town Manager?
    • How can your experience as Mayor in diversifying Quincy government apply to diversifying the Dedham jail and the Sheriff's department?

      Questions of Jimmy Coughlin for County Sheriff:
    • How can your experience in merging several police departments into the state police (where Mr. Coughlin worked) apply to merging county functions into state functions?
    • How to make prison workers' race match prison populations' diversity, instead of handing down jobs among families?

    "Come to our Zoom event on Aug. 22 to hear their answers and their opponents' answers," says Randolph's Gordon.

    Braintree Democratic Town Committee Chair Kathy Tuffy notes, "We thank all the candidates for agreeing to attend. This forum will help voters in Braintree, Randolph, and Holbrook make informed choices in the Democratic primary."

    Holbrook Democratic Town Committee representative Kathy Connolly adds, “Holbrook Democrats realize the importance of voting for the candidate best qualified to assist Holbrook. This Zoom event is a wonderful opportunity to enable all of us to make educated choices at the polls."

    The Zoom meetings will be recorded for replay on community TV and online.

    * * *

    Photo caption (photo by Jesse Gordon): State Rep candidate Paul Hennessy answers questions at Randolph Dems BBQ, which took place on Aug. 8, with social distancing. Pictured are host and Randolph Dems member Sandy Slavet (seated); candidate Hennessy (in suit and tie); Hennessy's partner (seated); and Randolph Dems vice chair Toby Lynne Schwartz (in festive hat).

Committee to Elect Jesse Gordon, 52 West St, Randolph MA 02368

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