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    Group helps at least 100 homeless kids in Randolph

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    original article in Feb 26, 2019 Patriot-Ledger

    The Randolph Democratic Town Committee featured speakers on homelessness at its monthly public meeting on Feb. 5 at Randolph Town Hall.

    The speakers were Randolph homelessness advocate Carole Goldstein and Dima Hendricks, of the Randolph Public Schools Homeless Liaison.

    “We estimate the number of homeless children in Randolph at about 100, up to 130 if you count foster care,” Hendricks said. “We don’t know the number for certain, because some are listed outside of the Randolph school district, and some do not report themselves as homeless.”

    Hendricks said children count as homeless if their families are “couch-surfing,” not necessarily because children are sleeping outdoors.

    Goldstein, a resident of the Simon C. Fireman Hebrew Senior Life Community on North Main Street, has coordinated homelessness support from the Fireman community.

    “The Fireman Resident Council has been very supportive of the Randolph Homeless Children’s Fund,” Goldstein said. “We’ve raised funds and collected toiletries, gift cards and other items for donation. This work has been very rewarding.”

    The program in Randolph was formed under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, the federal legislative response to homelessness. The original 1987 McKinney Act included services for homeless families, but none specifically targeting schools. Modifications since 2006 now ensures the right to attend public school, and transportation for homeless children, free of charge to their original school, even if they no longer reside in the district.

    “That’s important for continuity during the school year,” Hendricks said. “Randolph’s public schools serve some homeless children who currently claim residence in Brockton.”

    Three donations to the Randolph Homeless Children’s Fund, totaling $220.19, were presented by Toby Lynne Schwartz, co-vice-chair of Randolph Democrats. Two of the donations were from Randolph Democrats for $100, plus another donation of $100 from the Randolph Citizen’ Police Academy Alumni Association in support of the Randolph Children’s fund.

    “The Randolph Democratic Town Committee supports the homelessness program in Randolph’s public schools,” Schwartz said. “We encourage others to learn about this program and to donate,”

    Donations can be mailed to Dima Hendricks, c/o Randolph Public Schools Special Services, 70 Memorial Parkway, Randolph MA 02368. Checks should be made payable to the Randolph Public Schools, with an optional memo, “Homeless Program”.

    “It’s great to hear that Randolph has this program available to focus on homeless kids and keep them in school,” said Jesse Gordon, an elected member of the Randolph Democrats, who donated a personal check. “Donations to this program go directly to the Randolph program and towards helping our kids, not to some federal bureaucracy or state agency.”

    The Randolph Democratic Town Committee will meet at 7 p.m. March 5 in the Lincoln Room at Randolph Town Hall, 41 S. Main St.

    Randolph Democrats donating to help homeless in Randolph include (from left) Randolph homelessness advocate Carole Goldstein; Toby Lynne Schwartz, co-vice-Chair of Randolph Democrats; and Dima Hendricks, Randolph Public Schools Homeless Liaison.
    Photo credit: Jesse Gordon, member of Randolph Democrats.

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