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Souls to the Polls

We will be providing transportation back-and-forth to Town Hall for early voting on Sunday October 24 from 10 AM to 3 PM. Look for the purple signs saying "Souls to the Polls Pickup Point" at the following locations and io our volunteers' cars. Pickup points are:
  1. St. Mary's Church, North Main Street
  2. St. Bernadette's Church, North Main Street
  3. New Jerusalem Church, North Main Street
  4. Spring of Water Church, North Main Street
  5. Tabernacle of Praise, South Main Street
  6. Residences at Great Pond, Pacella Park Drive
  7. Avalon Hill housing complex
  8. Rosemont Square housing complex, High St
  9. America's Foodbasket on West St and North Main St
  10. Shaws Supermarket, Memorial Parkway / High School
  11. Highland House, Highland Ave
  12. Bridle Path Apartments, Bittersweet Lane
  13. Liberty Place housing complex
  14. Decelle Senior Center, Decelle Drive
  15. Sunshine Senior Center, Sunshine Ave
  16. Fireman Senior Center, North Main Street

Please contact Town Councilor Jesse Gordon at 617-320-6989 to arrange pickup, or to volunteer for a route.

    Other times for early voting: (all at Town Hall)
  • Monday Oct. 25, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Tuesday Oct. 26, 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday Oct. 27, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Thursday Oct. 28, 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Friday Oct. 20, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    South Driving route for Souls-to-the-Polls pickup points
  1. Start at Town Hall -- pickup point is on "front lawn" at the front steps -- and head south on South Main Street
  2. Tabernacle of Praise is at 535 South Main Street (on your left); pickup point in parking lot across from Center St
  3. Proceed north on South Main Street to left on Fitch Terrace (or Cole Terrace or Martin Terrace)
  4. Go one block and make right onto Highland Ave; go to Shaw's Supermarket parking lot on right
  5. Pickup point is by supermarket exit (there's a bench where people will sit). Then exit to Memorial Parkway.
  6. At Highland Street, make left then immediate right onto Highland Glen Road; Highland House pickup point is one block in on left.
  7. Continue on Highland Glen Road to end, and make right on Bittersweet Lane. Pickup point is one block up, at intersection with Bridle Path Cir.
  8. Go back to Highland Glen Road and make left on Highland Ave and proceed to end; at traffic light go straight onto Depot Street.
  9. Left onto Condlin Drive and you're in the parking area; proceed a block to America's Foodbasket (pickup point near entryway)
  10. Exit to West St and make right; then right on North Main St and immediate left onto Pleasant St.
  11. At end of Pleasant St you'll see Decelle Senior Center on the left; pickup point at park bench near road.
  12. At end of Pleasant Street, make left at traffic light onto North St and go past cemeteries to left on Liberty St.
  13. Two short blocks in is Liberty Place entrance on left; pickup point is in grassy area
  14. Return to Liberty St and make a right; go to end then left on North Mani St
  15. A few blocks and you'll see Spring of Water Church on your right; pickup point in its parking lot in front.
  16. Proceed down North Main St to Crawford Square then South Main St and Town Hall.
    North Driving route for Souls-to-the-Polls pickup points
  1. Start at Town Hall -- pickup point is on "front lawn" at the front steps -- and head north on South Main Street
  2. Go thru Crawford Square to North Main St a few blocks to CVS and turn right into parking lot and proceed to back.
  3. Back left of CVS parking lot has entrance to St Mary's Church parking lot; pickup point is near Cottage Street
  4. Left on Cottage Street then right on North Main St to Oak Street; entrance to church just past Oak on right
  5. Go into New Jerusalem Church parking lot and pass thru to exit; pickup point is next to the exit on Oak St.
  6. Exit to Oak St to the left and a couple blocks to Norroway Ave (see sign to Senior Center); make left off Oak
  7. Half-left onto Sunshine Ave and pickup point is at park bench on left, then exit back to Oak St.
  8. Exit Oak St to the right and go thru light on Main to Chestnut St and go all the way to end.
  9. Cross High St and entrance to Chestnut West is pickup point for Rosemont Square housing complex is on grassy area
  10. Exit Rosemont making left on High Street and proceed to Canton St; make left then half-left at Reed to stay on Canton
  11. Proceed thru Rt 24 underpass then a few more blocks and "Prynne Hills" sign is on left onto Avalon Drive
  12. Pickup point is at top of hill to the left (Canton apartments are to the right)
  13. Right on Canton St, underpass, stay left on Reed St, cross Main Street to Pond Street
  14. Funky intersection just past reservoir water tower: left then immediate right onto Pacella Park Dr.
  15. Pickup point is at entrance to Residences at Great Pond, which is a while up the road.
  16. Return thru funky intersection to Pond St then left on North Main St
  17. Immediate left into St. Bernadette's - pickup point is near entrance on the grass.
  18. Exit left onto North Main St.; pass by Oak St and Higashi and then Fireman Senior Center is on the left
  19. Pickup point is by front entrance; there's a mini bus stop there
  20. Exit left on North Main St., half left at Crawford Square to Town Hall.

Committee to Elect Jesse Gordon, 52 West St, Randolph MA 02368

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