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    original article in Nov 3, 2017 Randolph Herald

    Office seeking: Town Council At-Large

    Age: 57

    How long a Randolph resident: 12 years (first moved to Randolph in 1999; moved out for a while; then returned when I bought a home with my fiancee)

    Government experience: Contractor for EPA and numerous state and federal agencies

    Occupation: Data Analyst

    Contact Information: 617-320-6989, jesse@jessegordon.com, http://www.jessegordon.com

    I’m Jesse Gordon, progressive Democrat, and my priority is bringing our fair share to Randolph.

    15 years ago, I began bicycling around Randolph with my son, and we found “No Trespassing” signs all around town. When I looked into it, I found that the state owned lots of those properties, like they do in Braintree and Milton.

    So how come Braintree and Milton get nice recreational facilities for their kids -- like swimming beaches, and nature centers, and hiking trails -- and we don’t?

    I call that “environmental injustice.” And fixing that is what I call “bringing our fair share to Randolph.” Let’s work with our neighbors and the Commonwealth -- and take legal action when necessary -- to get for Randolph what neighboring towns have long enjoyed.

    Getting our fair share applies to our schools, too.

    For example, Newton got a brand-new $200 million high school -- with $48 million funded by state taxes -- that’s YOUR tax money and mine, going to Newton, when I think that money was a lot more needed in Randolph’s schools! I call that “economic injustice.”

    How come Newton got $48 million, and all we got was some storm windows? Because they wrote a big grant, and played the political game on Beacon Hill -- that is what I want to do for Randolph!

    Let’s hire a full-time professional Town Grant-writer, so we can get what Newton did. With my policy of “grants and growth” -- leveraging outside resources, and promoting mixed-use development -- we can implement many new programs without raising property taxes.

    See jessegordon.com, for many more ideas, coupled with tasks to actually get them done. That’s what I offer -- creative new ideas, and the competence and experience to get them done, to bring our fair share to Randolph.

Committee to Elect Jesse Gordon, 52 West St, Randolph MA 02368

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