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Two more to run for council
By Chris Helms/ Chronicle Staff
Thursday, March 17, 2005

Urban planner Sam Seidel formally put his hat in the ring for November's City Council election.
     That makes him the fourth declared candidate in a race where formal announcements generally aren't made until spring. The deadline to file as a candidate is July 29.
     And although probable candidate Jesse Gordon didn't make an official announcement, he placed an ad in the program for a community theater production of "Space Opera." The ad touts "Jesse Gordon for Cambridge City Council" and features a drawing of Gordon and his son, Kessel, as Imperial Stormtroopers.

     So you might say Gordon has all but put his helmet in the ring. He noted that his true loyalties are with the Rebels, and that he and his 7-year-old son also appear on stage as Rebel ghosts. He said he has been out canvassing neighborhoods and plans a formal announcement of his candidacy in April.
     Both Gordon and Seidel have been active with the Progressive Democrats of Cambridge. Seidel, in a press statement, said preserving neighborhoods, improving the quality of life for residents and making government work better would be his top priorities.
     "Cambridge must make use of all its resources to ensure it is able to meet new challenges while preserving all the things that make Cambridge such a wonderful place to live," he said.
     Previously, three challengers had formally announced their runs: Larry Adkins, president of the Riverside Neighborhood Association; Craig Kelly, a North Cambridge activist; and Andre Green, an information technology consultant. All nine incumbents plan to seek re-election.
      Contact Chris Helms at chelms@cnc.com.

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