Financing Energy Conservation

Overcoming Barriers to Implementing the Massachusetts Clean State Initiative

Executive Summary

Jesse Alan Gordon and Peter Fishman, 1994
The Clean State Executive Order calls for energy conservation in Massachusetts state owned and operated facilities. Energy conservation generates substantial financial savings while simultaneously improving environmental quality. Despite these benefits, the Commonwealth is missing out on energy conservation opportunities. This report identifies the barriers to implementing cost-effective and environmentally beneficial projects, and recommends means to overcome these barriers.

Since 1985, when energy conservation began in earnest, the Commonwealth has invested $35.2 million in approximately 125 large-scale energy conservation projects in state facilities. For each million dollars invested in projects completed since 1985, the Commonwealth receives following financial and environmental benefits:

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EJSCK Reprinted from a repport for the Massachusetts Clean State Program, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
All material copyright 1994 by the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Peter Fishman, and Jesse Gordon.
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