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    Randolph Greenway >> Old Colony Rail Trail

    Randolph Greenway:
    Old Colony Rail Trail

    Extension from North Street to Teed Drive

This rail trail is open only from Depot Street to North Street. This project proposes re-opening the trail to the public, from North Street to near the Braintree border.

    Proposed 2023 project:
  • Design a plan to dig out the buried underpass at North Street (which I'll propose next year)
  • Make a regular DPW schedule for litter cleanup from Depot Street to North Street.
  • Clear brush and litter from North Street to Teed Drive / Chiefs Way
  • New "Welcome" signs at North Street, at Teed Drive, and at endpoint at Chiefs Way
  • Crosswalks painted at roadway/driveway crossings in green paint -- 7 locations.

The Randolph Master Plan OSR#4 says "Improve public access at and within land managed by the Conservation Commission." The rail trail will allow acecss to an unknown hidden asset of the Conservation Area along the Braintree/Holbrook border.

The Randolph Community Wellness Plan #14.4 says "Assess... walkability, and safe bike routes to parks and recreational facilities, and identify improvements that would increase Randolph resident access." The purpose of this project it to increase resident access to the "north half" of the rail trail, which currently has zero access.

Committee to Elect Jesse Gordon, 52 West St, Randolph MA 02368

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