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Randolph has lots of parks around town -- but we lock ourselves out of them!

A "greenway" means an off-road hiking/biking route -- the "Randolph Greenway" can get pieced together, with your help!

An "emerald necklace" means that when you leave each park, there's another park awaiting you, just down the road, and you can figure out how to get there. On foot, on bicycle, by car, by bus, with the kids, with your spouse, or just alone with nature.

Boston has committed to its Emerald Necklace for decades now -- it is a beautiful park system extending from Mattapan to the Charles River (see map below). Each park is connected to the next park with a sign saying "Emerald Necklace" -- for example, when you exit the Arnold Arboretum to the north, you can see the sign pointing the way to Jamaica Pond, a half-mile up the road. People are all over every one of the "emeralds" in Boston's emerald necklace -- on foot and on bicycle and in wheelchairs, with their families or on their own -- we can do the same thing in Randolph!

Town Councilor Jesse Gordon is committed to building Randolph's Emerald Necklace.

    Click on the links to the left to see upcoming features, or on the links below for older efforts:
  • Connectivity: making visual connections from one park to the next
  • Wayfinding: signs that point the way -- signs for people, not for cars!
  • Old Colony Rail Trail: Jesse's first work on Randolph parks in 2017
  • Boardwalk and Park Place: Jesse's plan for park access all over town

Click for Boston's website "EmeraldNecklace.org"

Committee to Elect Jesse Gordon, 52 West St, Randolph MA 02368

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